'Getonn 100" Bangle

GeTonn 100 Bangle in Silver and Nickel

AUD 1100


'Ranges Elite' Bangle


'Ranges' Bangle



Flattop Ranges Hinged bangle in Silver 18k Gold and Titanium

AUD 1995


Flattop Ranges bangle in Silver and Titanium

AUD 1325



'Quad' Ring



Flattop quad ring in Silver , Nickel and Titanium.

AUD 1200


'Ranges' Rings


'Ranges' Pendant

Rings in Silver ,Gold Titanium and Nickel.

AUD 1100



Riveted pearl pendant in Silver, Nickel and Titanium.

AUD 950








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Inspired by the Chapman Valley Flattop Ranges


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